Stanley's Adventures

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Today was soooo beautiful! The sun came out, the sky was clear, and it was COLD!!!!!! -32C!!!

This is the puppies sleeping in the sled just outside my cabin door. They sit in there waiting for me to come out of the cabin. I had to take a picture from the inside of the cabin because the minute i open the door they jump out, ready to fallow me wherever i go:) 

These two pictures are great!! I get to stare at these faces all day long! I am in the heat pen and they are wondering why they cant come with me?

Me and Michelle.

So tonight we had to pump water. These next few pis are of Ed cutting a whole in the river ice..........with a chainsaw! The ice was about 5" thick! Ed and Michelle have a huge water tank that they fill up every two weeks. They have a long plastic pipe that always stays on the ground. The pump is kept in the house so that it doesn't freeze. When it's time to pump water. We take the pump down to the river, hook the long pipe up to the pump, hook a shorter hose, that goes into the water, up to the pump and then prime the pump with warm water so that it will work. Wallah about 45min later we have full H2o tank!

This is just everyday life for us here:)


  1. That is SO cool!! LOVE your it hard getting the water with a tube??