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Sunday, September 25, 2011

First day!

So i started my dog mushing adventure this morning!! I have to learn all of the dogs names and the puppies asap.
First days events,
1. Boiled moose meet to get the worms out of it!

2. Picked up pieces of foam mattress that the dogs found.... cant find the mattress
3. Toilet overflowed... didn't know that we couldn't put TP in the toilet. has to go in the garbage next to the toilet.
4. Found more pieces of foam mattress...... still cant find where these pieces are coming from.
5. Went to go find the dump so we could get rid of the moose bones. Missed the turn into the dump by a long shot. Had to come back to the house to get gas because the truck was on empty. Then returned in the direction of the dump
5. Went for a walk with the dogs and lost a puppy..... found the puppy.
6. Found abundance of pieces of foam mattress thus leading me and Kathrin on a through search for the mattress...... found mattress!
8. Stared at the stars before i went to bed.

What an amazing day we had
p.s. all of the above events happened while Michelle was gone.

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  1. First days events crack me up! you are sooo funny! Hope you found your bed? Otherwise it's in the dog house for you! poop! stay warm! puppy cuddle power!